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100% Cypress Mulch and its Benefits

Many folks realize mulch is an important part of gardening. However, there are so many choices as to the type of mulch that many don’t realize the benefits of choosing a mulch specific to their needs. While mulch is used to help control weeds, reduce erosion, and help retain moisture, the use of 100% organic cypress mulch can offer additional benefits to your landscape.

Organic harvesting.

Truly organic cypress mulch is made from pond cypress trees and bald cypress trees. They are either ground down into chips or shredded, and both the bark and the wood are combined into the mulch. Shredded cypress mulch tends to stay in place longer than the chips, and it is often cheaper than cypress chips as well. Cypress wood- originating from wetlands of Florida and Louisiana- is also quite rugged and durable, making it a longer lasting mulch option.


Because of its organic nature, the decomposition process will continue to be a long-term benefit of cypress mulch. Unlike a newspaper, cardboard, or other chemically-altered fertilizers, cypress mulch will naturally decompose and fertilize the soil with the nutrients it had contained. Soil relies on fertilizer and the environment for its nutritional health and thriving plant-life, and cypress mulch contributes to this process. It also has no effect on the pH level of the soil, making it a great choice around plants who are sensitive to the pH balance in the soil.


Everyone hates a thief, and cypress mulch acts as a line of defense against both weeds and pests looking to steal your plant’s vitality. Using layers of shredded or chips, cypress mulch provides a strong barrier to suffocate and stifle weed growth on the bottom, but also provides coverage on the top to keep airborne seeds from sneaking down into the soil. Cypress wood is also resistant to insects, as the oil in the chips or shredded mulch will deter and prevent insects such as termites, cockroaches, cloth-eating moths, carpet beetles and various types of ants from making a home in your garden and plants.


Cypress mulch has a unique color and presents well in landscaping. Although darker upon first spreading, cypress mulch weathers to a light gray making it attractive and subtle. Because it is a hardy mulch, the appearance will be pleasing longer than other mulch options. It is also very fragrant, giving your yard a fresh, evergreen smell. Its composition tends to keep in place longer, requiring less raking, recovering or adjustments after winds or rain that would typically disperse other mulch types. It will not float away, while still allowing for natural drainage.

If you are looking for an affordable mulch option that offers great coverage, protection, beauty, and durability, cypress chips or shredded mulch might be the perfect choice. Windwood offers 100% cypress mulch in bulk, and we have delivery options. Come by our location and see what we offer; we would love to help with your landscaping needs.