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3 Keys to a Beautiful and Healthy Lawn

Growing a lush green lawn offers bragging rights to the conscientious homeowner, but anyone will tell you such a feat is no accident. A lawn faces some tough enemies throughout the year, considering crabgrass, unsightly weeds or drainage and drought issues. For the best results, intentional effort paired with the right products is the solution.  Our topsoil contains 20% of our planting mix for a thicker and greener lawn and you can use it on your own lawn for amazing results.

green healthy grass

Be Selective

As you work to develop a beautiful lawn, be selective about the products you use. While grass seems to grow in any type of soil; a lush lawn with consistent color needs a blend of naturally supported nutrients. The use of random minerals or supplements can upset a natural balance and have erratic results.

Many individuals think they need to till up their existing soil to successfully fertilize and adjust their soil composition. By using Windwood topsoil there is no need for additional work. Our topsoil contains 20% of our well-researched and carefully cultivated planting mix, and it is effective simply by spreading it over existing lawn or sod. No need to churn and till it in. The organic composition of our planting mix and topsoil encourage optimum PH conditions for soil, which fosters strong and consistent blade growth.

Be Intentional

The perfect landscape takes hard work, sweat equity, and eye for detail. Routine lawn maintenance is required if you want to encourage your grass to grow thicker and with a deeper color. Mow your lawn at least once a week, keeping your blade between 2.5” to 3” high. Mowing your grass too short can leave bare spots which quickly turn brown. It also weakens grass blades by depleting their energy supply.  Be sure to keep your mowing blades sharp. The sharper your blades, the cleaner the cut and less damaging it will be.

Be Routine

Consistency is the key to ensuring the year-long success of growing a thick green lawn. Check your grass regularly for conditions that would stunt growth. With our carefully crafted soil support, many challenges associated with depleted nutrients or supplements are minimized. Even still, be careful to fertilize only when your grass is growing. Your dead grass can’t be revived just by fertilizer, and truly damaged soil will not be able to support growth.

Apart from the use of topsoil support, be sure to create conducive growing conditions in the soil. Aerate your soil to allow fertilizer, oxygen or water to reach the root systems. This should be done yearly. Monitor moisture levels in the soil, making sure to water when needed. Over-watering the grass can be as damaging as underwatering, and keeping a routine can avoid this problem. If at all possible, water your lawn in the early morning hours; as it is cooler and gives the soil a better chance to absorb the moisture.