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5 Benefits of Pine Nuggets

When working on your landscape, the best materials will be ones that fit both aesthetic and functional needs. The use of mulch is one of those materials that is a go-to for most homeowners. Mulch adds a finishing touch to your landscape, but most importantly offers landscape management assistance with an ability to control weeds and help maintain moisture in the soil. While there are numerous mulch options available, here are five reasons for selecting pine nuggets.



Pine nuggets are one of the easiest types of mulch to customize to your space. Made from pine bark, these nuggets come in several different sizes ranging from “mini” to “jumbo”. No matter the size, nuggets are lightweight and easy to spread. Their shape also allows for more air to flow through the nuggets creating less disturbance in the look throughout weather conditions.


Pine nuggets are known for holding in moisture, giving plants, bushes, or trees some additional support. During the heat of the summer, pine nuggets offer an added layer of protection from drought.


Pine bark is naturally a pink or reddish brown color, and typically no external dyes are needed. This help ensure a longer lasting natural color, but there are dyed options available as well. The nuggets themselves last longer than many other mulch options, as they are more dense and compact than shredded mulch.


Pine nuggets are an attractive and affordable choice for landscaping needs. Depending on the size of nugget you choose, you may find greater coverage for less cost. Their durability also leads to great time between replacement or re-coverage, saving the homeowner money.


The natural composition of pine bark nuggets makes a great fertilizer for the soil. Once the nuggets decompose or you decide to rework the area, the nuggets can be tilled into the soil to offer additional nutrients. Pine nuggets slightly lower the pH balance of the soil, if you find your plants are not thriving due to the alkaline environment.

Pine nuggets may be the ideal solution to your landscape needs. Here at Windwood Bulk, we are ready to help you make that decision. Our professions can assist you with design, calculating coverage, and offering tips and tricks for a great yard. Come visit and let us lend a hand!