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5 Fall Lawn Care Tips

Fall Lawn care tips

It’s hoodie weather, and the leaves are falling! Your thoughts are full of pumpkin spice, apple picking, and preparing for Halloween. The last thing on your mind is the lawn.  

If you want to avoid having a dead lawn or broken mower, there are some things you should do to prepare your yard for winter. Now is the perfect time to implement these preparations.

Fall Lawn Care Tips

It’s tempting to ignore our lawns and let them take care of themselves. It’s wintertime after all, and the grass is just going to die anyway. We have other, more important, and fun things to do than take care of the yard.

This sounds like a good idea but come next Spring you might find yourself regretting this decision. Why? You are likely to find that your lawn has several dead spots that aren’t turning green like the rest of the lawn.

Or when you go to start up your lawnmower, it won’t start. These are common issues you will face if you ignore your lawn this Fall. Keep reading to find out how you can avoid these problems with a little winterizing now.

Rake the Leaves

Raking the leaves seems like such a pain and a waste of time. Won’t they blow away or decompose on their own by Spring? Sure. You can leave them there and let them rot. You might not like the results when the weather starts warming back up, and you are left with a layer of decaying leaves hiding the dead grass underneath. 

The leaves block the sunlight and trap moisture that is detrimental to your grass. Make sure to rake them up and dispose of them. Turn them into fun decorations for your yard by purchasing Halloween themed trash bags to put them in.

Cut the Grass to the Right Height

Your grass will continue growing until the first hard frost. It’s essential that you continue mowing until then, and that you mow the grass to the right height. 2.5 – 3 inches is optimal. This keeps the grass from being vulnerable to snow mold and helps it withstand the winter cold and dryness.

Aerate Your Lawn

If you want to ensure your dirt doesn’t become too hard and compacted, aerating your lawn will help. You can use aerating shoes or a gas-powered/push aerator to poke small holes in the ground. This allows the nutrients and water to get through easier so your grass can drink them up.

Winterize Your Cool-Season Lawns

If you have a cool-season lawn, you will want to winterize it to ensure optimal growth and greenness next Spring. Use a winterizerizing fertilizer that is rich in potassium. Spread it out all over your lawn during the Fall for best results. How do you know if you have a cool-season lawn? Check out the recommended article below to find out.

Winterize Your Lawnmower

Your lawnmower is susceptible to damage if you take some simple steps to prepare it for the cold weather. Follow the steps below to make sure your mower is safe and working correctly next Spring. 

Keep Learning

Taking care of your lawn is essential. It helps with property values for your neighborhood and keeps you from being THAT neighbor that never cares for their yard.

Follow our blog for more useful tips to keep your yard in shape and contact us with any questions! Our gardening specialists would be happy to help.