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9 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Gardener in Your Life

Are you looking for that perfect Christmas gift for a gardener in your life?

When you want to surprise your loved one with a green thumb, it’s very tempting to buy them the prettiest plants you see at your big-box retailer and assume it’ll be the perfect gift.

Often, the plants found at these retailers require intermediate to expert care — making them less than ideal for beginners or hobbyist gardeners.

When you’re looking for the perfect gift that your gardener will love, bookmark this list for future reference. These gifts are guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Gift Idea #1: Succulents

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Succulents are a part of drought-resistant plants that have adapted well to dry, arid environments. They don’t need too much care or water to survive and thrive. And they’ll add a lovely low-maintenance addition to any room. 

Why succulents make great gifts:

Succulents can be purchased in your big box stores. But if you would like to do your shopping with a small business, call up your local nurseries.

Gift Idea #2: Easy to Care For Houseplants

Easy to care for houseplants are perfect for beginner gardeners. They will love that the plant is beautiful, and they will feel comfortable caring for it. Some great options for indoor plants are lavender, aloe, and snake plants.
Why house plants make good Christmas gifts:

You can buy your plant-loving friend a house plant in most big box stores. Or you can support small businesses and check out your local nurseries.

Gift Idea #3: Potted Herb Plants

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Herbs make the perfect Christmas gift choice for gardeners, chefs, and even loved ones without a green thumb. These attractive plants are aromatic and practical, offering culinary and medicinal uses for every home.

Why herb plants make great gifts:

You can even purchase indoor herb growing kits online and in some stores for the gardener in your life.

Gift Idea #4: Fertilizer

Why fertilizer makes a great Christmas gift:

You can find fertilizer at most big box stores. Your local nurseries will have something specific for your area.

Gift Idea #5: Personalized Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves are such an essential part of gardening. They are used to prevent injuries. The repetitive nature of gardening, combined with the sharp tools and thorns you are working with, makes it a dangerous task. 

Why personalized gardening gloves make a good gift:

You can buy gardening gloves online, big-box retailers, and local mom and pop gardening suppliers. They are not personalized, but you can personalize them yourself or take them to someone who can, or you can buy them on Etsy.

Gift Idea #6: Self-Watering Planters

Self-watering planters can be the best way to grow some plants, especially vegetables. By providing a steady moisture level directly to plants’ roots, self-watering boxes can increase plant health and yield. 

Why self-watering plants make great Christmas gifts:

You can find self-watering planters online, big-box retailers, and nurseries.

Gift Idea #7: Handmade Gifts 

From uncommon plant markers to watering cans and even handmade gardening gloves, you can give the gift of Do-It-Your to your favorite gardener, and guarantee that they will love any gifts that you make. You can make so many fascinating things with upcycled materials. 

Why handmade gifts make the best Christmas gifts:

You can buy handmade gifts online at retailers like Etsy or your local crafts, which you can find on Facebook in a yard sale or local crafting groups.

Gift Idea #8: Window Shelves for Planters

Window shelves for planters are an excellent solution for your gardener who lives in an apartment or has limited outdoor space. These shelves make gardening easier by allowing the plants to get all the light they need. Most importantly, they work great with windowsill seed starter kits, herb gardens, and flowers.

Why window shelves make excellent Christmas gifts:

Window shelves can be purchased for your plant-loving friend online, big box stores, or you can even make them yourself.

Gift Idea #9: Specialty Potting Soil or Planting Mix

A planting mix is another great gift choice. A potting mix’s primary objective is to hold moisture and nutrients around your plant roots, provide enough air for growing roots to breathe and not rot once you plant your container, and provide anchorage for the roots. 

Specialty Potting Soil or Planting Mix make wonderful gifts:

If you are looking to purchase specialty potting soil or planting mix for your gardener, check with your local nurseries or online retailers that sell customized blends. If you are local to North GA and Chattanooga, TN? Stop by or give us a call to pick up a bag of our custom planting mix for your favorite gardener.