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How Mulch Helps You Avoid Toxic Chemicals to Control Weeds

Is your garden overrun with weeds that you can’t seem to control? Do you want to avoid using harmful and toxic chemicals to solve your problem?

No one likes to see weeds taking over their garden, and you shouldn’t have to spray costly and toxic weed killer to keep them at bay.

All-natural, organic mulch is the perfect solution to your problem. Keep reading to find out how mulch works for weed control, which mulch is best to use, and how to apply it for the best results.

Why Does Mulch Keep Weeds Out?

Mulch keeps the weeds at bay by denying them access to sunlight necessary for them to grow. You’ll need to apply a layer of at least 2-3 inches of mulch for the best results.

How to Choose the Best Mulch

What type of mulch you choose depends on a variety of factors. You’ll need to consider the aesthetics of the mulch as well as the pros and cons.

Some types of mulch have more benefits than others, such as adding more nutrients to the soil. When choosing mulch that’s organic and all-natural, these are your top 3 choices:

  1. Grass Clippings and Leaves: this is the cheapest solution for mulch, but it’s not the most visually appealing.
  2. Straw: inexpensive mulch, but tends to be full of seeds, causing wheat to take over your garden.
  3. Wood Chips: more costly than grass clippings, leaves, or straw, but it looks beautiful and adds more nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.

How to Apply Mulch for the Best Weed Control

Simply applying a 2-3 inch layer of mulch isn’t enough. Sure, it’ll keep most weeds under control, but not all of them.

When you’re looking to ramp up the weed control, applying a cardboard or newspaper layer before adding the mulch is the ideal method.

Make sure to have a hose handy to water the cardboard or newspaper to keep it from blowing away. Watch the video below for a demonstration of this application method.

More Than Weed Control… Get Started Mulching Today

Weed control isn’t the only benefit of using mulch in your garden. When you use mulch, you’ll:

As you can see, using mulch is well worth the time and effort it takes. Mulching once per year is highly recommended.

When you want to reap the most benefits from your mulch, make sure to use an organic wood chip mulch that’s free of synthetic dye.

Are you located in the Greater Chattanooga area? Stop by or give us a call to purchase the best wood chip mulch in your favorite color. We even sell in bulk.