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How To Choose The Right Soil For Your Indoor Herb Garden

The consumer choice to grow our own food at home is becoming more and more popular as society begins to question what we are really putting in our bodies. With a huge drive for organic produce and herbs and constant debates over astronomical prices, it’s a fantastic idea to start a home garden…especially an herb garden.

How to Choice the Right Soil for Your Indoor Herb Garden


Fresh herbs add phenomenal taste and flavor to a meal. They don’t take up much space, and they’re relatively easy to grow. For anyone looking to grow their own food, an herb garden is a wonderful place to start. Let’s talk about herb garden soil because choosing the right soil for your herbs depends very heavily on what you’re growing.

Where To Start

Figure out what types of herbs you’d like to grow, and go from there. After you know what you’re growing, dig further (pun intended), and find out if they should be potted together or separately. Some herbs grow wonderfully with regular old garden soil, and some will have a hard time with it.

If you choose to plant them together, make sure that your herbs have ample air flow. They should not be right on top of each other. Give them room to grow and breathe. Giving them space from one another will also regulate pest problems. Adding worm castings to your herb garden soil will help fuel growth and keep the bugs away.

Be sure your indoor herb garden has plenty of light, at least six hours a day of natural or under a grow light. You can buy the best herb garden soil money can buy, but without light, your herbs are doomed.

Choosing A  Soil

If you’re here, you’ve probably decided what herbs you’re growing and where/how you’re going to grow them. Now it’s time to choose an herb garden soil that will help them flourish. It’s easy as long as you know your herbs.

Herbs that have Mediterranean origins are some of the most popular indoor herbs around. These herbs are used to growing in soil that is loose, somewhat deconstructed and a bit rougher than your run of the mill potting soil.

You’ll need to purchase them a soil that mimics what they’re used to. This type of soil will drain more easily as well. Soggy soil can be fatal to Mediterranean herbs like Rosemary, Sage, Oregano, and Basil.

Most herbs, however, will do well with a generic potting soil as long as they aren’t overwatered. Mint and parsley are two incredibly popular herbs that will do just fine in regular potting soil.

Chances are, if you’re a beginner to growing herbs, then you’ve probably got a lot of questions. We’ve got the answers, and the soil you need, right here at Windwood Bulk Center. Come see
us, and pick up the right soil for your herbs!