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How to Get More Flowers and Bigger Vegetables

Have you ever wondered if your garden is meeting its full potential? Are your flowers alive with color and thriving in height? Would your vegetables take home the blue ribbon at the county fair? The secret to success might be your soil. Here at Windwood, our organic planting mix can help you grow brighter blooms and bigger vegetables.


Pumpkins, flowers, leaves and other autumn goodies

For any garden to produce quality results, you need to have an optimal growing environment. 

Choose the location of your garden or flower beds wisely. Most plants require a healthy dose of sunlight, with vegetables needing at least six hours of sun a day. After you choose the location, you need to think about the soil.

The soil is the life blood of a plant. It provides the mineral and nutrients necessary for growth and quality produce. The composition of the soil influences the nutrients found in the vegetables, and can also stunt the growth of flowers.

The best soil will be one rich with organic matter and compost. This is a combination of dried leaves, shredded or aged bark, coffee grounds, egg shells, or fruit and vegetable peelings.

Adding compost to your soil will keep it from being too compacted or too sandy- two conditions which undermine your gardening efforts.

Using compost or fertilizer helps restore the pH balance in the soil. Some locations might be too acid, while others require a boost for the vegetables being planted. Incorporating organic matter into the base soil help replenish the microorganisms needed for plants to feed on. There has been recent interest in using organic matter over chemical fertilizers and repellants in your garden, as synthetic products can damage the environment and can contain pesticides harmful to humans.

Chemical treatments can upset the natural ecosystem of your soil, destroying the good bacteria, microbes, and worms in the soil.

The organic potting mix which we sell is made in Ringgold, with local supplies of aged soil conditioner, mushroom compost, wheat straw, leaves.

Because we are committed to providing the best product to our customers, we closely monitor the balance of our compost, and follow a schedule for composting outlined by the research of the University of Georgia.

Its buffering effect on the pH level of the soil makes an excellent choice for any plant, even those requiring an acid soil to thrive. While we are firm believers in the quality of our product, its reputation is supported by its resume.

Our potting mix is preferred by Master Gardeners in Georgia and Tennessee, it is used by Rock City Gardens on Lookout Mountain, the Chattanooga Rose Society, and Erlanger Hospital.

Homeowners from North Georgia throughout Hamilton and Bradley County have found the benefits of adding our organic potting mix to their landscapes and gardens.  

Organic potting mix naturally feeds the plants, which in turn will feed both you and a healthy environment. The difference in size, color, and quantity will be evident as your plants absorb the nutrients found in a natural soil composition that is fortified with minerals and organic matter. Stop by our garden center to discuss your planting needs, and find out how our organic planting mix is the right choice.