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How to Keep Your Green Thumb Satisfied in the Winter

If you’re anything like me, those winter months that lack greenery brings on depression. You crave the warm days of spring and summer when you can grow fresh vegetables and satisfy your green thumb. But what if I told you that you could continue growing in the winter?

Well, it is possible — and pretty easy to do, even if you only have a small area to use. Check out the information below to learn how you can grow these seven plants indoors.

7 Plants You Can Grow Indoors

Growing in the winter is not as hard as you may think. The plants included below allow you to keep your green thumb happy during the winter winds’ blow. To get started on your indoor winter plants, all you need to do is find a small area to work with and a few minor supplies.

Vegetable Plants

Plant #1: Carrots

Carrots are a delicious and colorful vegetable that you can enjoy all year long. They come in many varieties, but your selection may be limited, depending on where you live. 

To grow carrots successfully, all you need to do is purchase a 12-inch pot and some soil and find a sunny area in your home to make your plants happy.

Plant #2: Kale

Another of the winter plants that you may want to consider adding to your list is kale. Kale is also easy to grow and does very well during the cold months.

All you need to do is plant the kale seeds farther apart in a pot to make sure they have room to grow properly. If done correctly, you should see sprouts within one week.

Plant #3: Mushrooms

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Mushrooms are one of my favorite things to grow and eat. They are high in fiber, low in calories, and contain tons of potassium.

Unlike the previous two plants mentioned, you do not need sunlight for these fungi. Instead, they need to be grown in an area that is dark and moist. Once planted, they are usually ready to be harvested in 4.5 weeks.

Plant #4: Beets

If you’re looking for another nutritious plant to grow loaded with vitamins and minerals that are good for your body, look no further than beets.

Like carrots, these vegetables are easy to grow and do well in many different types of environments. They don’t need a lot of space, either.

Plant #5: Bell Peppers

When it comes to bell peppers, they need a more controlled environment to grow properly. But because their growing season is longer, you will end up with a greater amount of peppers. 

Bell peppers do need a great deal of sunlight, so be careful of where you place them. You do have the option of using a grow light if none of your windows provide the needed amount.

Plant #6: Potatoes

Potato plants can be grown in several different types of containers, including large baskets, buckets, or plastic sacks.

Make sure not to overfill your container when you plant your potatoes because as the plants start to grow, you will need to add more compost at the top.

Plant #7: Microgreens

The type of winter plants that are the easiest to continue growing in the winter are microgreens — small, green, flavorful plants.

You can easily grow your own microgreens as long as you have a small container and a sunny place to put them. They will be ready for harvest in as little as two to three weeks and can then be used to garnish your favorite meals.

Keep Your Plants Happy and Healthy With the Best Potting Mix & Fertilizers

Giving your winter plants the necessary nutrients they need is achieved by using high-quality, nutrient-rich soil and giving them frequent fertilizer feedings.

There are various types of fertilizer, depending on what kind of plants you’re growing. Vegetable plants, herbs, house plants, flowers, and succulents all have different feeding requirements — so make sure to purchase the right fertilizer!

When it comes to soil, sure, you could grab any one of the numerous potting mixes available on the shelf — but are they the best?

We might be biased, but in our opinion, the best soil for your potted plants is customized mixes you can purchase from your local mom and pop suppliers.

Here at WindWood, we created a custom planting mix to help gardeners in North GA and Chattanooga, TN grows outdoors in the pesky native red clay — but we’ve found it’s excellent for potted plants too!

Give us a call or stop by to pick up a bag of our custom planting mix and some hardwood mulch to keep your indoor potted plants happy and healthy.