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How to Protect Your Topsoil from Erosion

No matter where you are in America, how mild your climate is, or how well you’ve landscaped your yard, your soil is constantly being moved, shifted and subjected to the forces of erosion.

But what is erosion? What can you do about it, and how can you keep your soil healthy throughout the winter and the rest of the year, and minimize it? Let’s explore this topic now, and discuss how to protect your topsoil from erosion.

Why do I need to minimize erosion?

The primary reason is that erosion can wear away your topsoil, which has the most healthy nutrients for growing plants. This is actually a huge concern for agriculture, as more than 50% of topsoil has been eroded or deteriorated in the last 150 years.

Minimizing erosion will help keep your plants healthy and strong, and ensure your landscape looks and feels great.

What is Erosion?

Erosion is the natural process of any material – including soil – moving from one part of the crust to another. It can be caused by many forces, including wind, rain, snowmelt, movement of animals and people, and more.

All lawns experience at least a little bit of erosion, but this is usually not noticeable. This is because the soil is often replaced by decomposing matter, fungi, earthworms, and other sources. But when the erosion of topsoil outpaces its replenishment, you can face serious problems with your landscaping.

How can I prevent Topsoil Erosion?

There are a few different ways that you can protect your topsoil from erosion. Here are a few different, simple methods:

● Improve drainage to prevent water from building up and eroding soil
● Water your lawn less to prevent erosion
● Plant grass and shrubs in bare areas to create root systems and minimize soil loss
● Use retaining walls to keep elevated soil in place
● Add mulch and/or rocks to help weigh down the topsoil and keep it from eroding
● Place mulch mats on slopes to keep soil and mulch in place
● Create paths across your lawn with stones or pavers and avoid walking on the grass or flower beds to minimize soil compaction
● Consider aerating your lawn to reduce soil compaction

Why should I worry about Topsoil Erosion?

Topsoil is extremely rich in nutrients and is important for growing grass, flowers, fruits, vegetables and more. Without taking the proper steps to prevent it, your landscape may start to become less nutrient-rich – making it harder for you to grow your favorite plants, and detracting from its beauty.

Keep your land healthy and minimize erosion!

Implementing good land management and soil protection practices can help reduce the risk of erosion occurring in your yard. By keeping your topsoil in place, you can keep your lawn and landscape healthy and productive, and get better growth for years to come.

Experiencing erosion issues on your land? Not sure what to do? Windwood Bulk can help. Contact us now to learn more, and get the assistance you need to preserve your topsoil.