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How to Start an Indoor Herb Garden

Are you sad to see the warm weather leaving? Is your green thumb getting antsy?

Satisfy your need to plant by starting an indoor herb garden! Follow the tips below to get started.

How to Start an Indoor Herb Garden

If you are new to indoor gardening, there are some things you need to consider when growing plants in pots vs. in the ground. The types of soil and fertilizer you use and where you place your plants in your home will have a considerable impact on their success.

If you have a house with little to no natural sunlight coming in, you might have to purchase special grow lights to keep them alive. Do your research before purchasing any plants for the inside of your home.

Pick the Right Pot or Container

If you purchase a container that is too small or too big, it can be detrimental to your herb plant. Ensuring it has proper drainage is essential. 

Herb plants don’t do well when overwatered or left to sit in wet soil for too long. Purchase a 6” pot or container with drainage holes to start your herbs off on the right foot.

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Purchase Your Plants

Choosing plants that are healthy at the beginning will help your chances of success. Check the soil to make sure it isn’t dry, check for visible pests or diseased parts, watch out for wilted leaves or stems, avoid damaged containers, and don’t buy it if the roots are visible.

Where to Buy

You can purchase live herb plants from several places. Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, and your local gardening center will all have them for sale. Just make sure to follow the advice mentioned above when picking out your plants.

Common Types of Herb Plants Grown Indoors

Certain herbs are better for beginners than others. If you have never had an herb garden before and you aren’t sure how green your thumb is, start with a plant that is easy to take care of.

Types of Plants

Research Their Care Requirements

Picking plants that you can reasonably care for is essential. You don’t want to start with a type of herb that is easy to kill when you’re a newbie. Researching the care requirements from the beginning can save you many headaches later. Make sure you get your information from trusted sources. Check out any of the recommended resources below for sources you can trust.

Recommended Resources

Choosing the Right Soil

Most herbs that are grown indoors have Mediterranean origins. They grow best in soil that mimics their native soil and is well-drained. Let Windwood Bulk Center help you choose the right soil to meet your indoor gardening needs! 

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