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Make Your Lawn Beautiful for Fall

fall lawn care

Keeping your lawn beautiful year-round can be a challenge. If you don’t plant the right types of flowers, shrubs, and trees in your yard, you might end up with a pretty bland view this fall. Keep reading to find out how you can keep your lawn colorful every month of the year.

5 Plants For A Beautiful Fall Lawn

Determining which plants will keep looking great year-round takes some research if you are new to gardening and lawn care. Choose from any of the 5 plants below if you want to add some continuous color to your lawn.


Perennial hibiscus plants can survive the winter in zones 4-9. If you live in one of these areas, consider adding it to your garden so you can enjoy the colorful blooms all year.

How to Plant and Care For Hibiscus

These plants grow best in full sunlight with moist soil. Plant them in Spring to give their root systems a chance to become established while they are in their active growth phase. Water thoroughly every couple of days for the first few weeks after they have been planted. Water twice weekly for their first growing season, and once per week after that. Get more information about how to grow hibiscus from the Miracle Grow website.

Knockout Roses

Knockout roses are easy to maintain and don’t require any special care. These roses do well in hardiness zones 5-11.

How to Plant and Care For Knockout Roses

Your roses will need plenty of sun, so make sure to plant them in an area that receives 6-8 hours of sunlight. Water weekly and plant them during the Spring or Fall. Find out more about how to care for knockout roses at


Most species of Azaleas are perfect for hardiness zones 6-9. Some cold-hardy species can tolerate zones 4-5. Add these beautiful plants to your yard for a pop of color.

How to Plant and Care For Azaleas

Plant evergreen azaleas in partial shade with protection from the wind. The best time of year to plant them is Spring and early Fall. Make sure they have well-drained soil and mulch. Read the following article from Farmer’s Almanac to find out more about planting and taking care of azaleas. Azalea Varieties: How to Grow Azaleas

English Lavender

English Lavender does well in hardiness zones 5-8. They are the best species of lavender for colder climates.

How to Plant and Care For English Lavender

For best results, plant your lavender in full sunlight. Provide well-drained soil and don’t overwater! These plants are pretty drought tolerant and don’t require as much water as some other plants do. Fertilizer isn’t usually necessary, and they require little maintenance. Find out more about English Lavender from The Spruce.


The majority of rhododendron species can tolerate hardiness zones 5-4, but there are some that can even handle zone 4.

How to Plant and Care For Rhododendron

Avoid planting Rhododendron in deep shade or full sun. A spot that receives a few hours of sun and a few hours of shade is ideal. The soil should be well-drained and moist.

The best time of the year to plant them is Spring or early Fall. Get more detailed information about planting and caring for Rhododendron from the Farmer’s Alamanac.

What Soil and Mulch Should I Use?

Are you not sure what soil you need for your plants? Is mulch essential? If so, what kind should you use? Contact us and let us help! We can advise you on what to use and supply you with how much you need to get the job done. Ask about our delivery options for large orders.