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Red and Black Mulch: Highlight Your Shrubs for Everyone to See.

Is your flowering landscape in need of a fresh look? Would you like to add some color to your design and highlight the shrubs you have meticulously cared for? The use of mulch, particularly red and black, can be the key to spotlighting your green thumb and creating a new appreciation for your greenery.

Bag of Red Mulch

Colored Mulch Composition

Apart from wanting the mulch to help retain moisture and curb weeds, many homeowners look to colored mulch to accent their landscaping design. The natural color of wood chips is converted using harmless dyes and is non-toxic, but cheap colored mulch could be an indication of chemical coloring.

Vegetable-based elements taken from natural sources are harmless to your plants and soil and are often used to color mulch. The iron-oxide typically used to color red mulch actually leeches small amounts of iron into the soil as it decomposes, a process beneficial to plant growth.

Colored mulch is very durable, often taking longer to break down than natural mulch. For this reason, many homeowners look to colored mulch for extending color and aesthetics.

Color Options

Black Mulch.

Black mulch is a dark rich color that many choose to highlight very colorful landscapes and vibrant green shrubbery. The eye-catching quality stands out well against brick homes and dark but brilliant greens.

Black mulch is a moderately priced option, the durability is a benefit attributed to the cost of quality.  The dark color in black mulch is most resistant to fading, minimizing cost for continued updating and replacement coverage.

Red Mulch.

Red mulch rarely varies from its brilliant shade, and it is used in many commercial properties and expansive parks for its flexibility supporting numerous backdrops. It is most stunning when used with light-colored vegetation, in rock gardens or lining walkways and driveways.

Red mulch is considered an environmentally friendly dyed mulch, as most companies use organic, soy or vegetable-based dyes as colorants. The pigment can fade sooner than other dyes, but the cost for bagged or bulk coverage options make it an affordable option for homeowners.

Colored Mulch Benefits

  1.  Durability- long lasting
  2.  Aesthetic- color options for many landscapes
  3.  Affordable- bagged and bulk options
  4.  Functional- weed prevention and moisture retention

You have worked hard to create a visual masterpiece with your flowers and shrubs, and they deserve some attention.  Experiment with a color that works best for your landscape design, then sit back and enjoy the view! Come by and visit for prices on our selection of red and black mulch.