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The 2 Best Trees for Privacy in Zone 7

You just bought your first house, and now you want to green up your view. The neighbors are a little too friendly, and you want to enjoy your back yard in peace.

The privacy fence is ok, but you can still see and talk to each other over or through it. What can you do to improve the view and make your backyard more enjoyable? 

Consider planting some trees for privacy! If you live in Georgia or Tennessee, then you live in USDA hardiness zone 7. Any of the trees listed below would make perfect additions to your lawn.

The 2 Best Trees for Privacy in Zone 7

Depending on the size of your yard, you might want to think about choosing a tree that will grow really tall or one that won’t get too big and take over your small lawn. How much maintenance you are willing to provide can be a determining factor. 

If you are ok with frequent pruning, you can plant one of the taller trees and keep them pruned to your desired height. If you want something you can plant and forget not long after, a smaller tree would be more ideal.

1. Leyland Cypress

Leyland Cypress

Hardiness Zone: 6-10

Growth Rate: More than 2’ per year in the best conditions.

Mature Size: 60-70’ Height and 15-25’ Width

Maintenance Requirements: Annual Pruning is Necessary

Sun Requirements: Full Sun (6+ hours direct sunlight)Soil Requirements:  Should be planted in acidic, alkaline, loamy, moist, fertile, sandy, well-drained, or clay soils.

Planting a Leyland Cypress

The best time of year to plant a Leyland Cypress is mid-fall – approximately 6 weeks before the first frost. 

Space your trees by taking your desired height and dividing it by 4. If you want a 30’ tall green screen, plant your trees 7.5’ apart (30 / 4 = 7.5). 

Dig your hole as deep as the root ball is tall and 3x the width. Spread the roots gently and refill the hole. 

Water the tree while the soil is still loose and then tamp it down. Apply a layer of mulch but keep it 6” away from the trunk.

How to Care for a Leyland Cypress

Water once per week and pull weeds during the first growing season. After that, water only when there is a drought. Prune annually to manage their shape and size.

2. Giant Green Thuja

Giant Green Thuja

Hardiness Zone: 5-7

Growth Rate: Up to 3’ per year in the best conditions.

Mature Size: 50-60’ Height and 12-20’ Width

Maintenance Requirements: Little to No Pruning

Sun Requirements: Full Sun and Partial Shade (4+ hours direct sunlight)Soil Requirements:  Can be planted in a wide range of soil textures. It is sensitive to salt and prefers well-drained soil. It does not do well in wet soil.

Planting a Giant Green Thuja

Giant Green Thujas can be planted any time of the year when the ground isn’t frozen and 4-6 weeks before the first frost. Plant them 5’-6’ apart for a privacy screen or hedge. 

Dig a hole that is a little bigger than the container the plant is already in. 

Place your tree in the hole gently and refill it with soil — layer with mulch, keeping it 6” away from the trunk. Water thoroughly to make sure you saturate the roots.

How to Care for a Giant Green Thuja

Water weekly during the first growing season and frequently during droughts.

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Why You Should Use Cypress Mulch

Cypress mulch is made from cypress trees and bald cypress trees. It is less expensive than most organic mulches and can have some added benefits for your lawn. 

Stop by and see us to purchase a bag of cypress mulch today! Ask about our delivery services for large orders!