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The Best Evergreen Plants For Pots

With more time at home, looking for new ways to spruce up your space is a must. You’ve tried to nurture every possible house plant, from a fern named Fern to sidewalk landscaping shrubs to baby succulents you found at the local grocery store for a dollar apiece. None of them have survived. So now you’re stuck looking for any plant you won’t kill. 

Leading the houseplant trend, millennials have become the plant-crazy generation. Check out Instagram. Every other photo seems to be of a cozy apartment living room or view full of plants. House plants aren’t a new concept by any means, but they’re new to you, and you’re looking for the best evergreen plants for your space. How does everyone keep their plants looking so good (or alive)? 

We’ve rounded up some of the top evergreen plants for pots that will be perfect for your living space, flower bed, or balcony. (And as an added bonus, we included some tips for keeping them alive!)


These dense evergreen shrubs aren’t a flowering plant but are grown for their foliage. Smaller varieties, like the Korean Boxwood shown here, are perfect for small containers/pots. The dwarf English boxwood is a rounded evergreen suitable for edging with larger pots. They are considered the most resilient boxwoods (making it easier to maintain and keep them alive!) The Green Mountain boxwood is also an excellent choice for evergreen pots, retaining its dark green color and pyramid shape year-round.


Junipers require full sun and well-drained soil (such as potting soil or potting mix) but will quickly adapt to various conditions, including your favorite ceramic patio pots. They come in a variety of shapes and colors as well! Pruning your juniper will also be necessary, as they tend to grow rapidly. Spirals, dogs, or just controlling the low hanging branches, trimming your juniper is all part of the growth process. The Blue Star juniper, with foliage in a beautiful silvery blue, contains clusters at the end of each branch that resembles small stars.


Resembling an azalea, the rhododendron is a broadleaf evergreen that maintains a green-to-bronze foliage even in the winter months. They prefer a loose, spacious growth habitat, so these would be more fitting for a larger pot. With shades in lavender, white, pink, red, and rose, these are the perfect evergreen to spruce up your space with a pop of color in a pot!


The emerald and gold wintercreeper euonymus has leaves with green centers with gold lining and turns a beautiful pink/red shade in the fall. Preferring full sun to partial shade, this beautiful evergreen needs well-drained soil to survive.

Dwarf Mugo Pine

A small conifer, the dwarf mugo pine grows into a small gumdrop shape, perfect for small to medium pots. This pine grows incredibly slow, meaning little maintenance (other than watering, don’t kill this one off!) They love full sun and maintain a dark green foliage that will look amazing even in the dead of winter.

Whether you are looking for an evergreen to keep a garden somewhat alive through these dull winter months or trying to find the perfect pots to edge your flower beds out front, these evergreens will be easy to maintain provided a little watering and trimming now and again. Do some digging, find what works for your garden or living space, and keep the greenery around throughout the year with these top evergreens for pots!