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The Undeniable Benefits of Worm Casting Fertilizer

Worm casting fertilizer may be the world’s best-kept fertilizer secret. It’s truly the most potent fertilizer in the world — speaking organically. Worm castings make perfect food for plants because they are naturally rich in nutrients. 

Basically, worm casting fertilizer is earthworm poop. Worm casts are the manure created by earthworms, and in the very recent past, have become incredibly popular with farmers and gardeners alike. Organically, worm castings provide a massive amount of benefits when it comes to growing.

Worm casting fertilizer fuels plant growth and sustainability by helping with moisture retention and aeration in the soil. It also provides natural disease protection and resistance from pests.

Switch to Worm Casting Fertilizer to Boost Your Plants

Why Worm Castings Are So Incredible

You’re probably wondering what it is about earthworm droppings that make the casts so incredible for plants. Well, it just so happens that there is quite a bit going within the castings that make them so wonderful to farm with. Worm casting fertilizer is designed, by Mother Nature, to help plants grow to their healthiest potential. There is no other manure that has the same properties as worm castings. That includes the amount of positive bacterial activity they contain. Worm castings are full of microbes and enzymes that are beneficial to plants, the way they feed, and the way they grow.

We like to think of worm castings as the plant equivalent to probiotics. Humans have good bacteria in our guts, and earthworms do as well. That good bacteria harbored by worms makes its way into the castings, or poop if you will. All that beneficial bacteria is left behind in the castings for the plants to flourish.

If you have soil that has proven difficult for growing healthy plants, try worm casting fertilizer. This special fertilizer contains nutrients like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. These nutrients, along with some pretty potent nitrates, can bring along even the most barren of soils.

How Worm Castings Differ From More Traditional Fertilizers

It’s not to say that worm castings are not on their way to the fertilizer mainstream. But it remains true that quite a few farmers and gardeners are not aware of how beneficial they can be. Yes, other fertilizers available for purchase do contain all the nutrients that we’ve listed above.

However, due to the composition of the soil and the way it breaks down, these nutrients are not available to your plants right away. So, you’re putting them in the dirt and they’re just sitting there waiting on the good stuff. With worm casting fertilizer, all of these natural, organic nutrients are water soluble and available to the roots of your plants right away. Every nutritional deficiency that your plants have can be rectified with the use of worm castings!

If you’re on the fence about trying worm casting fertilizer in your garden, give Windwood Bulk Center a call today, so we can answer any lingering questions you may have!