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Vegetables to Plant in the Fall

What few people realize is that gardening in Autumn can yield just as productive of a harvest as in early spring. It is an incredibly ideal season for planting a range of vegetables and filling your cornucopia to the brim.

There are many wonderful crops that can be grown during the fall, and they are relatively easy to grow and maintain. Finding plants that thrive during the cool weather is key. Here are a few of the best vegetables to plant.

What Should You Plant in Your Fall Garden?

The vegetables you decide to sow in your garden will be a product of many factors. You should grow vegetables that you and your household will want to consume, but the vegetables that you can grow are also contingent on weather and geography.

Before planting anything, do a bit of research. Which vegetables are likely to do well in your geographic location, and which tend not to. You should also check the date of the first frost so you can properly time when to plant and harvest.


Radishes thrive best in the mild and temperate fall weather. There are over 20 varieties of radish, so try a few to see which you prefer. They are relatively easy to grow and will be ready to harvest in under 30 days.


Cabbage grows well when planted in the early days of fall. It thrives in cooler temperatures, and seeds germinate within a 6 day period. There are many variations, like Bok Choy, Cannonball Cabbage, and Portugal Cabbage. It is always useful to experiment with a few types and see what you like best.


Cauliflower is a tad more difficult to grow, and it can be quite sensitive if it is a colder Autumn. Their seedlings should be planted early in the fall, so the chances of them experiencing frost are minimized.


Arugula grows best when planted about 8 weeks before the first frost hits. After it is planted, lightly cover the seeds with soil; it takes between 5-7 days for arugula seeds to germinate.


Kohlrabi is not a well-known vegetable and is a relative of cabbage and broccoli. It grows best when planted at the very beginning of Autumn and should be covered with a layer of straw. Harvest your kohlrabi about a month before the first frost is expected to hit.

How to Maintain Your Fall Garden

There are a few main things you should keep in mind when planting a fall garden. Be aware of the first frost date and schedule planting and harvesting accordingly.

Why Plant in the Fall?

Planting in the fall has a plethora of benefits. There are fewer gnat, bug, pest, and disease populations to disturb your precious garden. Utilizing the fall can also increase annual yield and help vary the crop you grow. Additionally, the high rate of rainfall during Autumn is great for plants.

Enjoying Your Harvest

The chronology of planting and harvesting is highly geographically contingent. It is different for every person and every garden. Here at Windwood Bulk, we can help you plan your garden and lawn for any season. Contact us for more information.