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What Planting Mix Do They Use at Rock City?

Both visitors and residents of Chattanooga alike enjoy the scenic trip to the top of Lookout Mountain; where they are amazed at the beauty of Rock City Gardens. If you’ve ever meandered their winding trails, you might have wondered what they do to keep their landscape design thriving and vibrant. Have you ever considered what planting mix they use to support their beautiful design? Well, consider no longer. We can tell you!

High Falls and Lovers Leap in Rock City in Lookout Mountain, Georgia on November 10, 2016

Rock City is home to over 400 species of shrubs, plants, and flowers.

They can be found along walkways and trails complimenting the displays at Mother Goose Village and other attractions. Although many might simply compliment the beauty and carry on, there is great history in the blooms at Rock City.

Frieda Carter was the first to take an interest in developing the beauty of Lookout Mountain when he husband founded the Fairyland Community in 1924. She adored the rugged beauty of the rocks and forged a trail to what is now known as Lover’s Leap. She planted wildflowers and other greenery along her trail and encouraged her husband in his venture of opening Rock City.

Fast forward to 2018. Rock City is visited by more than half a million people each year and the beauty so prized by Mrs. Carter still amazes visitors today. It takes quality products and dedicated gardeners to ensure the brilliants colors and diversity of horticulture that is found high atop Lookout Mountain.

The management at Rock City has turned to professionals at Windwood Bulk and our specially crafted planting mix.

At Windwood Bulk, we have gone to great lengths to develop an organic planting mix capable of fostering plant growth without digging deep and tilling the soil. Our organic planting mix is an all-natural mixable to be used with flowers, perennials, annuals, vegetables, and shrubs or trees.

Rock City has invested in a local company for fifteen years, who has created their planting mix from local ingredients and is composted locally in Ringgold, GA. Composted according to a schedule recommended by the University of Georgia, designed to maximize efficiency; it is a blend of aged soil conditioner, mushroom compost, wheat straw, leaves. The diversity of plant life and soil composition at Rock City is supported by our planting mix, which adapts to the PH levels of the soil and protects all plants, even acid-loving plants.

While we can’t promise millions of visitors flocking to your garden or flower beds; we can vouch for the effectiveness of our planting mix. Rock City’s flowering brilliance can be found in your front yard with a committed gardening plan and the help of our premium organic planting mix.